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Developer Evangelist And Content Lead at Educative
Seattle, WA, US

Job Description

Who are we?

Educative is a seed-stage startup that provides interactive courses to software engineers. Our courses come with interactive coding playgrounds and pre-provisioned developer environments that help developers learn rapidly without having to spend time on setups and installations.

What will you be working on?

As a developer evangelist and content lead, you would be working with our authors (who are primarily developers) to introduce them to Educative's unique feature set, helping them in onboarding, working with them to come up with great courses ideas and then helping them at every step to launch courses on Educative as fast as possible.

You'll be also be working with the technical evangelists and marketing teams to create a strategy to build our author community. You'll also be responsible for sourcing new authors, identifying trends in software engineering, understanding new topics relevant to developers and then working on finding the domain experts in those areas.

You are our ideal candidate if:

- You are a developer and are familiar with programming languages and frameworks 
- You understand the basic concepts of software development 
- You are willing to learn more about technology and developer training 
- You've worked in the roles like developer relations or community manager 
- You've experience working with CRMs

Your responsibilities include:

- Source domain experts and introduce them to Educative 
- Help authors in onboarding 
- Work with authors to identify new and emerging topics 
- Work with technical evangelists to help authors create better learning experiences for developers 
- Be the communication person whenever an author has an issue or feedback