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Vice President of Growth at Ripl
Bellevue, WA, US

Are you passionate about growth? Do you truly believe in the impact good marketing can have on the success of a small business? Think you can bottle the essence of it into a service, and share it with millions of small businesses?

Ripl cordially invites you to share your love of growth with our team and with our customers. Come and join us as we build the service that will significantly improve the odds of small business success. Please, come and meet with us to see if Ripl is the place where you can finally be your best self.

Why your best self? Because at Ripl we hire people, not roles, and we believe that people are endowed with multiple gifts and experiences that can add value in multiple ways. So, at Ripl, you can stretch your full self and drive the impact you’ve dreamt about. You will develop ideas and learn skills in areas you never considered, and as part of a collaborative team, drive the growth of our business. More importantly, as a leader, you will be able to embrace helping others become their best selves. And that, we must say, is magical.

But why growth? Because marketing is a means to an end, and the end is growth: growth of the business; growth of the user base; growth of the brand; growth of our team’s knowledge and skill; growth of our ambition; and most importantly, growth of our virtue and our vision within the broader world. Traditional marketing can be myopic in its approach. Let us remove the restraints on our ideas and focus on the goal, to grow, for after all do we not all desire growth?

Ripl is building the leading marketing platform for very small businesses and community organizations. As a team (about 25 of us, each of us growing, and our numbers growing as well), we are loving, passionate, effective and resilient. We value grit, courage, drive, and integrity. Our ambition is to be great; to achieve that, we are looking for great people to join our cause. Our mission is to deliver communications and marketing software that drives the success and sustainability of our customers’ businesses, making it simpler and more beautiful for them to express their passion and purpose. These courageous people have made the leap to create something new, and we sincerely want to join them, and offer what help we can.

Compared to other executive level marketing roles, joining Ripl is unique. Since Ripl is inherently an app that helps micro business owners with their marketing, everything we know and learn about marketing should appear somewhere in the product. The more rich our understanding of marketing within the Ripl team, the more richly our product will help our customers with their marketing. Therefore the impact a marketing leader can have at Ripl is significant. Your knowledge will ripple out from you to millions of small businesses worldwide. This is a tremendous opportunity and a significant responsibility. To be successful, you must really desire it.

As a leader in marketing software, Ripl needs to exemplify marketing. This means that not only must you be able to mind meld with the product, but that you also must lead a team that consistently executes their marketing programs at a very high level. Every touch point we have must exemplify a best practice. Though we may not match our customers in size, we must lead them in drive. To be the experts, we must act with expertise, and that requires strong leadership.

All the above is truth, but let us not leave out the importance of growing the Ripl business. For after all, that is the final metric upon which all marketing is measured. To be successful requires a deep understanding of performance based digital marketing, and more specifically Facebook, the king of this particular jungle. Facebook and Instagram are the primary networks of our customers, and therefore primary networks for us. So, although we are not limited to Facebook as a channel, if you love the opportunity and the challenge that Facebook advertising provides, you will fit right in.

On the other side of customer acquisition lies retention. As a SaaS based business, based on a freemium model, both free and paid retention are critical to business growth. To be successful requires an understanding of the tools and techniques that drive users back into the service. For example, personalized lifecycle emails, push notifications and in app communications may work well. But what else can we bring to the table? At the end of the day, the key to growth is finding new users and keeping them. Every single day.

Finally, what will it take to be extremely successful leading marketing at Ripl? Given that Ripl is a Digital Marketing software tool and company at its core, the most important role you will play is to serve as a mentor to everyone else on the team here at Ripl for digital advertising and marketing. If you coach the entire team to be great at digital advertising and customer retention, you will be wildly successful in this role.

A typical day for this role at Ripl might include:

  • Start the morning analyzing the performance of our Facebook mobile and desktop advertising Campaigns over the last couple days.
  • Work with the Creative Director and our Video Designer on 5 new ad concepts to build and load into Facebook Ad Sets.
  • Put together an ad hoc work session with a few Developers to figure out how to improve the completion rate of the Ripl Pro subscription purchase flow in the Ripl Desktop app experience.
  • Research software platforms that might help Ripl scale our Affiliate and Referral marketing efforts.
  • Take a long walk in the afternoon with the head of Product Management to talk about what features we should emphasize or promote in our new ads targeting customers outside the U.S.
  • Review the recent Ripl customer focus group research results with our Customer Anthropologist, and identify the top 3 insights to present to the All-Hands meeting.
  • Build a slide for the upcoming Board of Directors meeting with chart showing weekly paying Subscriber numbers and highlights + lowlights of recent customer acquisition campaigns.

This job might be for you if:

  • You like turning digital marketing and advertising data into real insights.
  • You like collaborating directly with software engineers, creative directors, advertising editors, and company leaders to try new customer acquisition advertising programs.
  • You know what acronyms like CPI, CPA, LTV, CAC, and CPM stand for and can calculate them, regardless of what ad network or customer acquisition channel you and your team are utilizing.
  • You love collaborating with colleagues - not just Marketers, but also developers, operating and finance people, and our customer research and support pros - to test ideas and design experiments.
  • You have lead Customer Acquisition, Growth, Retention, and/or direct marketing programs at software companies with low-price subscriptions or digital products.


Full-time, salary. Must be on-site at Bellevue, WA, company offices for this role—highly collaborative and therefore no remote or non-Pacific-Northwest based applicants will be considered. No relocation reimbursement offered (we’re a scrappy startup after all!).