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Customer Anthropologist - Research and Insights at Ripl
Bellevue, WA, US

Are you obsessed with ethos? Is your empathy with a customer so strong it feels like you channel them? Can you see the future of a nascent community? Do you love using your research skills to develop insights from the richness and diversity of the human condition? Do you speak to customers through the nuances of product?

Do you want to create a new language?

Ripl lovingly - and with greatest possible hopes for us both, and for the world we share, and the worlds we can create - invites you to share with us and our millions of customers: your passion for research, relationships, and analysis/analytics; your intuition for the zeitgeist of the tribe, and your empathy with and compassion for the human condition.

We want to sponsor your journey to understand the very special set of people who - like you - and we ourselves - are daring to create something new from their creative work, and their sweat, tears and treasures: our customers, present and future; to discover their motivations, their fears, their blocks, and their inspirations and triumphs.

To all of this, we invite, we call you.

Ripl is building the leading marketing platform for very small businesses, individuals, and community organizations. As a team (about 20 of us, each of us growing, and our numbers growing as well), we are loving, passionate, effective, and resilient. We learn and turn from our mistakes. We value grit, courage, drive, and integrity. We are a functional place for resolving everyday conflicts in collaboration, your who self is welcome here.

Our ambition is to be great in all we do.

To achieve that, we are looking for great people to join us, and make common our cause.

Our mission is to deliver communications and marketing software that enriches dialogue and helps drive the success and sustainability of our customers’ lives and businesses, making it simpler and more beautiful for them to express their ideas, passion, and purpose. These courageous people have typically made the leap (or are making it) to create something new, and we sincerely want to join them and offer what help we can.

What, you may ask, will we do with your insights and energy?

You will help create the language users speak with Ripl, by first calling to them in their own language, then teaching them the new one through features and product, and then encouraging them to share their newly created expressions to their world. For a Ripl IS an expression, an authentic sharing of their personal journey, wrapped in a beautiful package of graphic, motion, and music. To create a Ripl is to combine all the elements of language - sight, movement, sound - into a communication package, then sent, with the pride of “wow, I DID this”, into the world. To receive a Ripl is to receive the fullness of digital expression, including both message and emotion in a non-emotive medium. A miracle in any other words.

All of this, you are called to discover, to understand, to share, and with joyful expression, to create.

To succeed in this role, you must enjoy the hunt for insights; the necessary groundwork of research studies, customer surveys, focus groups, community discussions, and face to face investigations. You must live to see your truths and insights put into practice in the product, sharing your growing awareness with the Ripl team and with our customers. You must know how to effectively communicate new ideas, in new ways, and to encourage learning in people who suffer so many demands on their time. You must enjoy working with those building the experience, the designers and engineers, sharing your knowledge where it will have the most impact. And at the end of the day, you must enjoy looking back and loving what you have accomplished.

A typical day as a customer anthropologist at Ripl may include:

  • Developing a customer survey to find evidence to support a set of hypotheses
  • Analyzing your own and Ripl’s effectiveness and behavior.
  • Spending time interacting with our customers in our various social channels & communities
  • Analyzing the results of an a/b test and recommending further action
  • Taking validated hypotheses and polishing them into product features
  • Discussing product strategy with team leadership
  • Sharing your insights with marketing to build a more consistent first experience
  • Just being part of a great team


Ripl prides itself on its culture. We decline to follow the well worn path of fear and poorly spent authority. We refuse to bucket, stereotype, or discriminate. Instead, our cultural foundation is love. We hire people, not roles. We value emotion, not just rationality. We endeavor to design our culture, we nurture it so that it nurtures us. Our goal is an ecology of ideas, where the best idea is always adopted, regardless of its source. To this, we commit with fullest intention.

Come and join us as we build a company that innovates both within and without; a company that treasures team, collaboration, and love; and a company that provides freedom and other riches for people who are effective and passionate.