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Performance Marketing Manager at Ripl
Bellevue, WA, US

Ripl (www.Ripl.com) is passionate about helping small businesses grow by leveraging the magic of social media. Our newly created Performance Marketing Manager role will be on the leading edge of everything customer acquistion. Leveraging a successful track record in digital campaign management across a variety of channels, including Facebook, you will target, optimize, look for insight, tweak strategy, target, optimize, and repeat, to meet (or beat) KPI's for CAC to LTV.

This job might be for you if:

You love social media platforms and you embrace the ever evolving channels as opportunity to relate on a more meaningful level with customers.  Numbers speak to you and you can clearly see relationships and how it impacts quality scores. You find joy in the copywriting and have a knack for tuning copy to support Ripl's brand. You have a keen attention to detail that allows you to run a wide variety of campaigns across a variety of platforms. You relish participation in the design process.  Your strategic depth drives you to continually optimize existing strategies while trying new ones, in tandem. You thrive within fast-paced environments, but always take time for your customers and teammates, to collaborate and share so the best ideas win.

Success Criteria for this Role:

  • Ability to work in fast-pace environment with ambiguity
  • Detail oriented
  • Prioritize to manage multiple projects in different phases in parallel
  • Ownership, ownership, ownership
  • Collaboration and new ideas are exciting and motivating

Everyday is Different - Here is a Possible Tuesday:

  • A/B Testing for a Mobile Campaign or Web Campaign
  • Validating some insights related to targeting, custom and lookalike audiences for optimization techniques
  • Looking closely at attribution and assessing where the gaps are with exitising channels to determine how to most effectively utilize it
  • Testing, testing and testing copy
  • Work with designers from creative brief through story board, toward final product

Technical and Subject Matter Expertise Required for this Role:

  • Digital Campaign Management from $100's to $1000's
  • Understanding the algorithmic relationship between CTRs, download rates, downstream retention for quality scores
  • SaaS based models and optimization of CAC to LTV with customer acquisition strategies
  • Expert in working with funnels and cohorts
  • Very good with Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics or similar tools
  • A Data Whisperer of sorts - slicing and dicing data for insight

Performance Objectives:

Your success will be measured by customer acquisition against the CAC KPI's.

About Ripl

Ripl is building the leading marketing platform for small businesses, individuals, and community organizations. Ripl empowers its customers to do their own social media marketing and helps them enrich their dialogue with their audiences. We help drive the success and sustainability of our customers’ lives and businesses by making it simpler and more beautiful for them to express their ideas, passion, and purpose. We are inspired by our customers - courageous people who are creating something new. We sincerely want to help build the future of small business.

Ripl’s Commitment to Our Team’s Growth and Development

We are proud of our culture. We design our company culture with intention, collaboration, experimentation, commitments and protocols. Our cultural foundation is love. We hire people, not roles. We value emotion, not just rationality. We value diversity over superficial conformity; we refuse to bucket, stereotype, or discriminate. We choose passionate freedom over poorly spent authority. We choose alignment over fear-driven command-and-control systems. We seek alignment in all we do: with our customers, the business, our teammates, and our individual selves. We endeavor to design our culture - we nurture it so that it nurtures us. Our goal is an ecology of ideas, where the best idea is always adopted, regardless of its source. To this we commit, as a team, with the fullest possible sincerity and intention.

Come and join us as we build a company that innovates both within and without; a company that treasures team, collaboration, and love; and a company that provides freedom and other riches for people who are effective and passionate.

Interested? Will you share some of your work with us?