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Senior Developer - Software Arts & Sciences at Ripl
Bellevue, WA, US

We, at Ripl, love to work with people who want to make expressive and rich software, make customers ecstatic about that software, and do it with awesome colleagues in a radically collaborative and humanistic culture.

Ripl invites you to bring your skills, interests, and experiences to a real agile environment with XP practices. As a software development artist (programming is an art form, after all) you will help drive engineering at Ripl by building the leading marketing platform for small businesses, individuals, and community organizations. You will share your skills with a team of like-minded crafters, together pushing the boundaries of design, architecture, and technology. You will take pride in the quality of your work and your teamwork. You will share your expertise with teammates through pair programming, conversation, consultation, and countless other ways. You will ship, you will ship, and you will ship some more. Most of all, you will have fun building, designing, developing, and programming—sharing your art with the world.

A day as a developer at Ripl may include

  • Pairing with a teammate on a tricky refactoring
  • Designing a tool to speed the development process
  • Completing a feature in all three of our clients
  • Starting a new story with a few unit tests to make sure you understand the problem
  • Discussing with a sub-team ways to make something better
  • Analyzing the server and client codebases to investigate a bug reported by a customer
  • Sharing with the team the crucial innovation you lovingly created on the side
  • Whiteboarding with the product team to brainstorm ideas of what a feature should be
  • Helping a teammate merge a pull request into one of our myriad code bases

 Your Skills, Experience, and Professional Goals

  • Practical experience in one or more of our core technologies: iOS, Android, React, Rails
  • Deep knowledge of at least two Object-Oriented programming languages
  • Desire to work across all architectural layers: front-end, middleware, server-side, DB, tools
  • Keen interest in true agile development, including Lean and XP Practices and much more
  • An experimental mindset
  • A passion for continuous learning, both personal and organizational

About Ripl

Ripl is building the leading marketing platform for small businesses, individuals, and community organizations. Ripl empowers its customers to do their own social media marketing and helps them enrich their dialogue with their audiences. We help drive the success and sustainability of our customers’ lives and businesses by making it simpler and more beautiful for them to express their ideas, passion, and purpose. We are inspired by our customers—courageous people who are creating something new. We sincerely want to help build the future of small business.

Ripl’s Commitment to Our Team’s Growth and Development

We are proud of our culture. Our cultural foundation is love. We hire people, not roles. We value emotion, not just rationality. We value diversity over superficial conformity; we refuse to bucket, stereotype, or discriminate. We choose passionate freedom over poorly spent authority. We choose alignment over fear-driven command-and-control systems. We seek alignment in all we do: with our customers, the business, our teammates, and our individual selves. We endeavor to design our culture—we nurture it so that it nurtures us. Our goal is an ecology of ideas, where the best idea is always adopted, regardless of its source. To this we commit, as a team, with the fullest possible sincerity and intention.

Come and join us as we build a company that innovates both within and without; a company that treasures team, collaboration, and love; and a company that provides freedom and other riches for people who are effective and passionate.

Interested? Will you share some of your work with us?