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Senior Data Analyst at Boundless
Seattle, WA, US
At Boundless, we’re breaking down the barriers of the immigration system and we are looking for an experienced Data Analyst who will work closely with our engineers, designers and marketing team to improve our understanding of our users, the efficacy of our business, and the performance of our product initiatives. You will thrive in this role if you are a data generalist that loves collaborating with others to provide clarity into big, ambiguous business questions. 
In this role, during your first month, you will: 
  • Learn our product, users and business. As the first person purely focusing on data, you will collaborate with our CTO, CEO, marketing team, and design team to first understand our users, then to understand our products, and finally to understand our business. You will learn about the experiments we have run and the learnings we have gathered since our inception.
  • Discover our data infrastructure. Even though we did not have a dedicated data person, we have built a comprehensive data gathering infrastructure. You will work with our CTO and marketing team to understand our important metrics, how we are keeping track of them and how we are reporting them.
Within three months, you will:
  • Analyze the major gaps in our product experience. On a daily basis we work to understand our users, ideate solutions to their biggest problems, build and ship these features to them, and measure the effectiveness of these features. You will be an essential part of this process by drawing insights from data and helping your peers to clarify and answer their questions with metrics.
  • Increase the consistency and granularity of how we evaluate ourselves as a business. We review our business every month and we re-evaluate our roadmap every three months. You will work with our leadership team to determine and clarify the important metrics that measure our performance, and you will work with our engineers to build automation to collect these metrics, to report them, and to ensure their consistency.
Within one year, you will:
  • Help create a data culture at Boundless. We strive to be a data driven company where access to data is easy and the communication of data is clear. We are also very conscious that due to our many limitations, for e.g. having small number of data points or data inconsistencies due to growing pains, data can be used as a weapon if its limitations is not understood properly. You will provide the expertise necessary to build a strong and healthy data culture and educate our team on the nuances and the limitations when necessary.
  • Help institute the data practices across other teams in the company. After building strong practices with our Growth team, you will work to expand these practices to Marketing Communications and Customer Operations teams. You will be an essential part of our hiring when we are expanding our data team to be able to service the rest of our organization. 

About us

We are a growing number of engineers and designers working out of downtown Seattle. For us immigrants come first. We operate with empathy for each other and ownership in things we do; and we strive to continuously get better.