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Office/Recruiting Coordinator at Boundless
Seattle, WA, US
At Boundless, we’re breaking down the barriers of the immigration system — and are hiring an early-in-career professional as our first Office/Recruiting Coordinator to help keep our team organized and moving full-steam ahead. This role will start as approximately 70% office and 30% recruiting coordination. You will thrive in this role if you’re energized by the idea of executing with excellence (which means rolling up your sleeves as-needed!) and aspire to contribute to improving the experience of others (both internally and externally).
In this role, during your first month you will:
  • Learn more about Boundless, our current processes, and get to know the team. We’re proud of the work we do and are driven by helping others. As you pick up office and coordination responsibilities that we’ve already put into play (including ordering and stocking snacks, greeting visitors, ensuring conference rooms are meeting-ready, working within our ATS to follow-up with and schedule candidates, and more) — you’ll simultaneously observe how Boundless works as a whole.
  • Start working on office projects that are in-flight. Whether it be coordinating with building management to activate access keys, maintaining shared team spaces, etc. — you’ll take point in making sure the office is an accessible and welcoming space for everyone and also assist with other things that come to light.

Within three months, you will:
  • Take what you’ve learned and own improvements on how it can be better. We care a lot about ownership at Boundless — in this role, you will take our existing processes (e.g. scheduling for hiring, event planning, etc.) and start finding areas where you can propose and implement solutions/processes from scratch. You will take on ad-hoc projects with clear deliverables and meet deadlines for those consistently.

Within a year, you will:
  • Proactively remove roadblocks for the broader team, Boundless candidates, our customers, and office guests. As a creative problem solver, you’ll demonstrate a growing knack for taking problems in stride and solving them in fresh, new ways. Within your first year, you will have successfully prioritized a growing list of responsibilities while maintaining an excellent level of organization.
  • Grow professionally—and we’re here to help. We want Boundless to be where employees can do the best work of their career. While you’re just getting started and are still exploring your long-term career path, this role will expose you to opportunities in administrative assistance, facilities and office management, human resources, and recruiting. Within a year, we hope you have the tools you need in order to explore that next step in your career.

About us:
This role will be a part of our people operations team, working out of our downtown Seattle office. Candidates who are passionate about growing their career in administration, office management, human resources, and/or recruiting that have an innate desire to help others will thrive in this role. Individuals with office experience or clear examples of drive and growth in previous roles are ideal.