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Director, Engineering at Boundless
Seattle, WA, US
At Boundless, we’re breaking down the barriers of the immigration system and we are looking for a Director of Engineering to guide the personal development of our engineers and to lead the growth of our engineering team. 
We take pride in the products we build as well as how we are building them. You will thrive in this people focused leadership role if you share our following beliefs around what it takes to build great products: 
  • A culturally diverse and inclusive team builds superior products. 
  • It takes a great team to build a great product; and we need to actively prioritize our personal development, our team practices, and our overall life balance to build a great team.
  • Communication and collaboration are as important as technical capability and craft principles in engineering. 

In this role during your first month, you will: 
  • Discover our engineers, team practices, and product process. We have a highly empathetic, mission focused engineering team. From day 1, you will meet the members of our team individually and learn about their strengths, personal development goals, and challenges. You will also work closely with our CTO to discover our team’s practices and our product development process.
  • Learn our users, products, and business. As a member of the leadership team at Boundless, you will be a key part of our strategic decision making process. To be able to do this, you will work closely with leaders from other functions of the company to understand why we are doing what we are doing and what are our collective goals.
Within three months, you will:
  • Develop our team. As the people focused member of engineering team, your primary responsibility will be to help our engineers grow. You will remove the obstacles on our team’s path as they are making progress on their projects and ensure that we have healthy team practices that support effective collaboration.
  • Grow our team. We are an ambitious early stage company, and our engineering team has ambitious growth goals. You will take over and lead our hiring process to increase the capacity of our engineering team while keeping our inclusive culture intact.
  • Collaborate on strategic planning. As the leader of our engineering team you will be part of our quarterly strategic planning exercises to set meaningful goals for engineering team. You will work closely with our CTO to align our product roadmap and the personal development needs of our engineering team.
Within one year, you will:
  • Scale our team. Very quickly, the size of our engineering team will go beyond a size where you can manage in person. Working closely with the other key members of the engineering team, you will create a strategy to grow our team beyond 10 people. 
  • Represent engineering in our cross-functional product development culture.On a daily basis, our engineers work in highly cross functional teams. As the engineering leader, you will work to create an engineering culture within this highly collaborative environment, and inline with this you will also be a key influencer of our overall company culture.
We are a growing number of engineers and designers working out of downtown Seattle. For us immigrants come first. We operate with empathy for each other, we take ownership in things we do; and we strive to continuously get better. 
We believe passion for learning always beats the experience but we require 5-10 years of previous engineering management experience for this role since you will immediately be operating independently in this role.