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Director of Marketing at Ripl
Bellevue, WA, US

Ripl (www.Ripl.com) is passionate about helping small businesses grow by enabling them to leverage the magic of digital media marketing.  We are seeking to hire a Director of Marketing to lead the Marketing team as a “player/coach” in order to help us fulfill this mission.

As Ripl’s Director of Marketing, you will manage our Performance Marketing and CRM team while also defining the long-term strategy for Ripl’s customer acquisition. Our Director of Marketing’s passion to constantly improve the Ripl software product value proposition and our customer experience will also contribute to our success through cross-team projects. This role will report to the CEO and be a member of the company’s senior leadership team.

This role might be for you if...

  • - You have been told by colleagues that you look at the entire marketing mix including paid, organic, social and branding to find opportunities to improve Customer Acquisition Cost. 
  • - You understand the fundamentals of digital performance marketing and also have experience running brand or messaging campaigns. 
  • - You are equally excited about brainstorming new 5-second social media ad concepts as you are by reviewing Weekly KPI spreadsheets. 

Key Responsibilities

  • - Manage digital advertising programs at scale (Facebook Advertising; Google AdWords; Apple Search Ads; etc.), as well as referral and other promotional marketing campaigns. 
  • - Lead our team of performance, CRM, and creative marketers.
  • - Define our Customer Acquisition strategy and refine it over time.
  • - Design and test new marketing programs which hold the potential for accelerating small business customer acquisition both in the U.S. and globally. 
  • - Drive positive LTV-to-CAC ratio, and manage six-figure monthly advertising budgets for efficiency and scale. 
  • - Establish other marketing, PR, and lead-generation programs as our Customer Acquisition growth needs require. 
  • - Oversee and mentor our customer CRM program.
  • - Drive Weekly Active User retention up and paying subscriber customer churn rates down through targeting and customer insight.
  • - Serve as a mentor to everyone else on the team here at Ripl for digital advertising and marketing best practices.
  • - Own cross-team information sharing techniques and ensure everything we learn through Ripl’s digital marketing programs feeds back into the Ripl Product and Design teams.

A Day in the Life

  • - Run morning Marketing Metrics review meeting: evaluate status of last week’s 5 KPI’s that the team uses to optimize ad spend (Cost Per Install; Cost Per Account Registration; Number of new customers; Cost Per Subscription Trial; and 7-Day Retention)
  • - Collaborate with leadership team colleagues for Brand/Design and Product Management to influence the direction of upcoming Ripl software features
  • - Attend meeting and review demo for a potential new mobile CRM communications software platform to replace an existing one we use
  • - 1 hour evaluating Google and Facebook advertising campaigns with our Performance Marketing Manager -- identify 3-5 optimization opportunities
  • - Work session with Marketing Designer and Video Editor to refine storyboards and messaging for upcoming ad creative concepts
  • - Coffee chat with CEO
  • - Build a slide highlighting a new marketing campaign experiment to showcase in the upcoming Friday All-Hands meeting

Skills & Qualifications

  • - Proficiency with budget, campaign, and ad set strategies on major ad networks using their own Ad Manager tools, with special focus on Facebook and Google
  • - Experience running lifecycle and customer retention marketing strategies, including incentive-based loyalty programs and digital engagement comms (in-app, push, email, etc.)
  • - Managerial experience with Marketing teams (3 years+)
  • - Experience building out performance tracking, measurement, and attribution reporting either through multiple 3rd party and in-house tools or through a single data resource such as Tableau, Appsflyer, etc.
  • - Customer Acquisition program management and strategy experience ideally for a mobile app (either consumer or b2b) or mixed app platform (iOS, Android, Windows, Web app, etc.) with a SaaS business model
  • - Excel proficiency, including basic pivot table and chart tools. Bonus points for experience configuring and using marketing and advertising optimization tools, or Business Intelligence analytics and charting tools such as Tableau, ChartMogul, Looker, etc.

About Our Team

We are loving, supportive and resilient. We value courage, drive, and integrity. We want every team member to achieve their greatest professional potential. We take projects from concept to completion. We support learning, collaboration and feedback. We are eccentric, kind, accepting, and accountable. 

About Ripl 

Ripl is a growing Pacific Northwest-based tech startup pursuing the ambitious goal of providing the best digital marketing tool for small businesses of every kind around the world. Ripl helps its customers create beautiful branded content that stands out where it matters most.