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Customer Support Associate — Operation Focus at Boundless
Seattle, WA, US

At Boundless, we’re breaking down the barriers of the immigration system — and are hiring for a Customer Support Associate to provide day-to-day communication with customers around the Boundless process. This role will support our Customer Success Advocates by following up on customer voicemail and missed call outside of business hours, and covering inbound chat from customers inquiring about status updates or difficulty maneuvering through our online system. This is a great early-in-career opportunity to learn more about family immigration and the Boundless process — and ultimately transition to being a Customer Success Advocate with the team.

In this role, during your first month you will:

  • Onboard — shadow and learn the customer journey. You will read Boundless articles and blogs, learning the ins-and-outs of the family-based immigration process. Within a few weeks, you will shadow teammates on customer chat, inbound calls, and general email exchange to better understand the customer journey.
  • Begin identifying errors and suggesting edits. Towards the end of your first month, you will be reviewing customer applications and catching errors and inconsistencies. As you continue your training, you will soon learn how to correct these errors on your own.


Within three months, you will:

  • Work directly on Boundless' customer applications. You will incorporate feedback from attorneys and customers, and draft customer-facing questions to begin addressing each review.
  • Start making suggestions on how to improve the customer experience. Working with the Customer Success Advocates, you will provide insight and recommendations of how to continuously improve our customer experience.
  • Make a mistake! With scale and experimentation, comes mistakes. You will follow our operational process to recover from the mistake, have a blameless learning session about the root cause of issue, and implement action items for us not to repeat the same mistake in the future.


Within a year, you will:

  • Help us build and scale our processes. As a member of the customer success team, you will be communicating with a breadth of customers on their issues and questions, and will use that knowledge to help improve our processes as we scale.
  • Create the application foundation from the very beginning. With your increased knowledge, you will cross-reference documentation, prepare communication and responses for customers, and incorporate all of their responses into one finalized application. The quality of your foundation sets the standard for quick, continuous movement of hte customer within the Boundless queue.
  • Grow professionally—and we’re here to help. We want Boundless to be a place of opportunity for our customers and our team. With constant communication, you will work closely with your manager to expand your professional skill set and try new things (e.g. become a better public speaker, contribute to content on the Boundless site, conduct a team training, etc.)

About us:

We are a growing team of passionate customer success professionals who are inspired through helping people maneuver the complex immigration system — our backgrounds vary from recent college graduates to high-volume back of house office positions to non-profit coordination experience. In this role, we require you can clearly communicate in English both verbally and in writing (second, third, fourth languages are incredibly helpful as well!), and have the proven ability to help and collaborate with others.