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Developer Advocate and Course Designer at Educative
Lahore, PK

Educative publishes interactive courses for software engineers. We are a VC-funded start-up hiring for our Lahore office.

If you are passionate about learning new technologies (GoLang, GraphQL, Firebase) and learning APIs (Stripe, Twilio, Algolia, AWS) and want to teach other software engineers, this is the best job for you. You are not working on the same technology for more than a few weeks and thus every few weeks there will be an opportunity to learn something new.

We have full-time and internship positions for technical evangelists and course designers who would join our Lahore team to create engaging computer science and software engineering courses for our learners.

As part of your job, you would be:

- Learning new technologies and creating code samples
- Create Coding Challenges and relevant test cases
- Author quizzes that help learners evaluate their understanding of tricky concepts
- Create interactive visualizations.


- Write interactive lessons on topics relevant to software engineers.
- Design curriculums.
- Develop coding samples and coding challenges.
- Create quizzes.


- Understanding of computer science concepts e.g. data structures and algorithms.
- Proficiency in writing and communicating in English.
- Familiarity with programming languages e.g. C++, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, etc.
- Willingness to learn new programming languages and technologies.