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VP, Engineering at Boundless
Seattle, WA, US

At Boundless, we’re breaking down the barriers of the immigration system and we are looking for an experienced engineering leader to lead and grow our amazing engineering team to deliver technology solutions that make life easier for Boundless employees and that enable thousands of immigrants to successfully realize their dreams.

If you are passionate about creating an inclusive and collaborative environment, if you have a proven track record that shows you can take over a team of 6 amazing, highly empathetic engineers and grow it to 15+ engineers, and if you will be energized by delivering incremental value in a highly cross functional, data driven environment; Boundless is the right place for you.

During your first month in this role, you will:

  • Get to know our team and assume people management responsibilities. You will get to know our amazing engineers and take over the responsibility of facilitating their personal growth. You will work closely with our CTO to understand our career development practices and start taking an active role in identifying opportunities that can help our team grow.
  • Discover our architecture, processes, practices, and culture. You will pair with our CTO and other engineers to learn our technology infrastructure, codebase, development process, continuous improvement practices, and other team ceremonies. As an essential member of the Boundless Leadership team you will work closely with the heads of other functions to understand their goals, problems, and needs.

Within three months, you will:

  • Set our quarterly roadmap and lead the engineering team to deliver it. You will go through our quarterly planning process and work closely with our CTO and your peers, you will determine the scope of the next set of initiatives that enable our quarterly business goals. Collaborating with your design and product management counterparts, you will lead the engineering team to ship these initiatives and use data to analyze the effectiveness of them.
  • Take charge of hiring. Inline with our quarterly and long term goals, you will set hiring goals for our team, and you will run and improve our hiring process to build a diverse engineering team.

Within a year, you will:

  • Craft a realistic long term technology roadmap. As you understand the long term business objectives of Boundless, you will partner with our CTO to create a technology roadmap that sets Boundless up to achieve these objectives while managing the health of our codebase and infrastructure. You will represent engineering in future fund raising rounds and help the Boundless leadership team make the right decisions.
  • Build the people management practice in engineering. As we approach and cross 8 engineers (the maximum number of people that can be managed by a single person), you will systematize people management in the engineering team and build an organization that can grow up to 15 engineers and beyond. You will institute practices that can ensure a healthy environment as our organization grows.

About this position:

Our tech stack is Ruby/Rails, Javascript/React & Redux, Wordpress, and some AWS. You are not expected to code on a regular basis but you will need to build a deep technical understanding of our systems. Having previous people management experience is a requirement for this position.

About our team:

We are currently a team of 6 engineers with diverse backgrounds, 3 designers, and 1 product manager, working remotely, based in Seattle and New York. We operate with empathy for each other, we take ownership in things we do, and strive to continuously get better. We believe passion for learning always beats experience.