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Head of Information Technology at Boundless
United States of America

At Boundless, we’re breaking down the barriers of the immigration system and we are looking for an experienced IT leader to seed and build an IT organization that will make life easier for Boundless employees and keep our systems secure for Boundless customers. 

If you are passionate about creating systems and processes that enable people to help themselves, if you are excited to hire and develop a team, and if automation is the first thing that comes to mind when solving a problem; this position is a right fit for you.

During your first month in this role, you will:

  • Discover our architecture, practices, and culture. You will work closely with our engineering team to understand our existing processes, policies, and  infrastructure. Then, you will work closely with our CTO to develop a plan to address the shortcomings in our systems. 
  • Start getting your hands dirty with automation. You will start creating fundamental systems that will support Boundless’ growth as a company. Some of the potential projects we will be expecting you to lead throughout your first year include building out laptop management and provisioning infrastructure, adoption of AWS workspaces, and tool access management.

Within three months, you will:

  • Executing on IT projects. You will switch to a more proactive role as you understand our systems and our needs. You will form relationships with other leaders (HR, growth, customer success) in the company to learn about their objectives and build plans to help them achieve their goals. You will become the go to person anything related to IT for Boundless. 
  • Start developing our IT team. Inline with the projects we would like to tackle, you will identify the team members we need to hire and you will own the hiring process for your team.

Within a year, you will:

  • Help create a roadmap for IT. You will be part of our quarterly planning sessions and inline with company objectives, you will develop and own OKRs for Boundless IT. You will work with your peers in Boundless affiliates to make sure our IT roadmaps are aligned. 
  • Extend your impact to security and infrastructure. You will partner with our engineering team to extend your impact beyond the more traditional space covered by IT into security and infrastructure for our platform.

About this position:

We have a mostly-Apple platform and 100% of our tools and data is in the cloud. In this role, you will be hands-on with implementing tools and automation, and you will be building and managing a team over time. We don’t have any specific technology requirements but we’ll be expecting you to be willing to learn our technologies on a short timeline. 

About our team:

We are currently a team of 5 engineers, 3 designers, and 1 product manager, based in Seattle, but working remotely. We operate with empathy for each other, we take ownership in things we do, and strive to continuously get better. We believe passion for learning always beats experience.