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Digital Banking Specialist at Remitly
Managua, NI
Job Description

Passbook is the first digital bank for immigrants in the US. We believe that leaving home is hard enough and managing your money shouldn’t be, so we introduce the first digital banking solution with no fees, with no SSN required & for international use.  Our vision is to transform the lives of immigrants and their families by providing the most trusted financial service products on the planet. At Passbook, your work has a direct and positive impact on people around the globe. Your work matters, every day.

As a Passbook digital banking specialists you provide a premium and compelling experience to our customers to earn their love & trust. Your primary focus in this critical support role is to creatively resolve customer’s issues, engage actively with our customers in a personalized way and escalate major customer pain points to our product teams to improve our service quality. This is achieved through following existing standard operating procedures and providing feedback about them. You will be empowered to think outside the box while respecting our guardrails to protect our customers and the business.


Job Duties & Responsibilities

     Voice of the Customer

        Own customer’s issues from start to finish such as Deposit Issues, Card Transaction Issues, Disputes or any other issue for which they are calling by serving as the primary point of contact.
        Liaise between customer and business to improve their experience and product by advocating to the customer’s needs from the product, how they want it and how we can make it happen by partnering with each team manager to share these recommendations with the product teams.
        Innovate how we provide solutions to our customers and how they can be happy with our service.


    Superior Customer Service Skills
        Knowledgeable specialist who will be trusted to exercise their own judgement to deliver superior customer service in order to complete customer’s request such as Activating cards, updating personal information, or even walking the customer through our app experience.
        Sometimes you won’t know the right answer, but you’re the kind of person who is always up for the challenge and will find the best solution for the customer by effectively navigating our knowledge tool.
        Provide remittance assistance to customers in handling their issues from start to end. As a Digital Banking Specialist for Passbook you are responsible for solving their issues without the need of connecting to other teams.
        Protect the business by assuring policy guardrails, but exercising judgement to be flexible when doable.
        Create compelling customer experience to drive loyalty by connecting with the customer genuinely and respectfully.


Functional Competencies

    Keen problem solvers

    Think on your feet

    Ability to read customers and anticipate customer future needs

    Ability to handle surprises

    Persuasion skills


    Resolution oriented focus

    Closing ability

    Fast learner



    High school diploma or equivalent

    Experience in banking or similar industry experience

    Strong organizational, analytical and problem solving skills

    Effective time management skills

    Customer centric and goal-oriented focus

    Flexibility to work and learn independently to meet deadlines

    Excellent communication skills

    Typing proficiency

    Adaptability to a fast-paced and evolving environment

    Willing to continuously learn and to do new tasks.