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Project Manager / Scrum Master at Boundless

At Boundless, we’re breaking down the barriers of the immigration system. We are looking for experienced software engineers to architect, design, and develop tools for our Customer Success team and our Independent Immigration Attorneys to help them prepare error-free immigration applications for our customers.

If you want to create a meaningful impact on the world with technology; if you share our belief that bringing empathy to our customers, our product, and our team will bring success; and if you are always on the lookout to get better at what you do, Boundless is the right place for you. 

About this position:

As a Project Manager / Scrum Master you will be responsible for software engineering teams successfully executing projects to release features and improvements to Boundless software, driven by the needs of our customers and other stakeholders. You will be a servant leader to the product management and software engineering teams. Technical Product Managers report to the Vice President of Engineering.

During your first month in this role, you will:

  • Learn by doing with your team. Upon your start you will be assigned to one of our existing initiatives. You will work side by side with our product managers and engineers to learn our customers, codebase, and technologies.
  • Discover our process, practices, and career map. Throughout your first month you’ll learn about our practices and process; the way we plan our work, retrospectives, release infrastructure, etc. and you will work closely with your manager to learn about how we think about career development at Boundless.

Within three months, you will:

  • Own and successfully execute one or more projects. You will begin to contribute by managing the work of a software engineering team to achieve sprint/iteration goals. You will successfully work with product managers to define customer needs in a way that is actionable by software engineers. You will work closely with product managers, engineers, and other stakeholders to develop actionable requirements/epics/stories.
  • Gain a full understanding of all of our stakeholders. You will come to understand all of the stakeholders you will serve including customers and the overall immigrant community, business growth, operations, third-party partners, product, and engineering. You will understand the challenges that immigrants face in their journey to live and work in the United States and how we help them.

Within a year, you will:

  • Broaden your work as an invaluable leader in enabling our engineering team to best serve our customers and business. You will:
    • Manage the work of software engineering teams to achieve both long-term multi-month goals and short-term sprint/iteration goals.
    • Work with all stakeholders to ensure proper balance of meeting customer needs and maintaining a healthy product and ecosystem. This includes not only business-driven features but also internal needs such as analytics, security, testing, scaling, and technical-debt management.
    • Establish and implement workflow practices and tooling (scrum board, kanban, etc.) to define new requirements, manage/groom backlog, schedule work, and deliver results aligned with product strategy.
    • Ensure continuity of defined work for engineering teams consistent with short and long-term goals such that teams can self-organize on the most important work.
    • Develop and deploy methodologies for estimating and tracking team velocity to predict schedules, measure productivity, and improve team efficiencies.
    • Conduct retrospectives and apply feedback to continuously improve effectiveness and engagement of teams. Use learnings to drive process improvements.
    • Maintain visible and transparent development and release plans that set clear expectations with all stakeholders.
    • Help the team to mitigate factors impacting successful completion of release/sprint/iteration goals, including managing inevitable high-priority, unplanned requirements.
  • Make a broad positive impact on our product-development teams. Not only will you have been successful in managing projects but you will also have led in establishing best practices and tooling that make our engineers more effective and efficient at meeting stakeholder needs. You will keep abreast with Agile/Scrum best practices and new trends and put them into practice.

About you:

  • Demonstrated ability to think strategically and act tactically, leading technical projects and translating stakeholder requirements into actionable work completed by engineers.
  • Equally comfortable with business and product people and technical people and garners the respect of both. Demonstrated ability to build consensus towards a common goal.
  • Demonstrated understanding and aptitude of web-based software development throughout the entire tech stack. Hands-on development experience preferred.
  • Flexible, nimble thinker to manage the dynamic nature of a startup and the immigration domain, and able to bring others along when plans need to change.
  • Demonstrated experience in working in B2C and/or B2C software business.
  • Demonstrated experience managing software projects using agile methodologies.
  • Formal Agile / Scrum Master training preferred.

About our team:

We are a growing number of engineers and designers working remotely throughout the US. For us immigrants come first. We operate with empathy for each other, we take ownership in things we do; and we strive to continuously get better. We believe passion for learning always beats experience.