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Senior Product Manager at Boundless
Seattle, WA, US

At Boundless, we are breaking down the barriers of the immigration system and are looking to expand our Product Management vertical to work closely with our team of engineers, designers, and business owners to dramatically increase our problem solving and development velocity as a company. This is a unique opportunity to set the standard for how we build and develop products at Boundless and for creating a meaningful impact in the lives of millions of families.

You will thrive in this role if:

  • You love going deep into understanding what your users really need and building the best possible experience for them.
  • You combine deep analytics with qualitative research to come up with creative insights to challenging problems.
  • You are a team-oriented collaborator who can help a highly empathetic team of engineers, designers, marketers, and lawyers navigate ambiguity.

Within the first month, you will:

  • Learn the product domain and understand our business space.
  • Depending on business needs and your interest areas, you will work with your peers (engineers, designers, and depending on your team either our marketers. customer success teams, and /or Independent Immigration Attorneys) to deeply understand our customers, our processes, and the immigration system as a whole. You will get your hands dirty with data and you will familiarize yourself with the problems we are trying to solve as a company.
  • Understand our product development process. You will join our team ceremonies and work closely with PM leadership, engineering managers, and Head of Design to understand how products are built at Boundless, including research, hypothesis generation, experiments, monitoring, and iteration. You will identify the gaps in our process and help your team fill these gaps.

Within the first three months:

  • Start owning a portfolio of products and driving them forward. Once you are familiar with our product development process, you will take the primary responsibilities of driving our existing initiatives forward: collaborating with your design and engineering leads to clarify work, measuring the impact of initiatives, updating the plans based on the team's learnings, and communicating progress to the rest of Boundless.
  • You will develop meaningful relationships with leadership across Boundless, internally and externally to the product organization. 
  • You will own the OKRs and KPIs for the products under your purview.
  • Start participating in our planning and review processes. You will represent your team in these activities by identifying the right OKRs that align with business objectives, helping your team determine the right initiatives to reach these goals, and communicating your team's progress towards these goals to your team and to the rest of Boundless.

Within the first year:

  • Plan for 10x scale of the products in your portfolio and own the 1-2 year product roadmap. Over the course of the next year, we will be adding new product lines and increasing the scale of our organization significantly. You will partner closely with the Boundless leadership team to craft a product roadmap that can enable this scale, identify critical investments needed for our competitive advantage, and lead product strategy and implementation. 
  • Help develop the Product Management organization. Our Product Management team will grow as our company grows. As one of the first Product Managers at Boundless, you will work closely with PM leadership to help define and to realize the culture of this team and help hire future Product Managers.

About us:

We are a fast-growing startup based out of Seattle, WA. For us, immigrants come first. We operate with empathy for each other and ownership in things we do; and we strive to continuously get better. We believe passion for our users and for learning always beats the experience, but we are looking for a seasoned product manager as you will be operating independently in much of your day-to-day work.