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Senior Product Manager at Falkon AI
Seattle, WA, US

At Falkon, we are building a new system of intelligence that empowers professionals to define, understand and improve metrics that really matter.

We are product, engineering and research veterans from Microsoft, Amazon, Dropbox, Amperity and Zulily. Having lived through years of bad metrics meetings and fire-drills, we've discovered a revolutionary way to combine machine learning and human intuition to empower professionals to define, understand and improve metrics that really matter.

We are looking for our our very first product manager. If you're an experienced product manager who has struggled to extract insight from data despite your best efforts, and feel like the existing tools in this space are holding you back - we want to talk to you. As an early and critical member of our growing team you will help shape our business, our processes and our culture.

What will you do?

  • Work with our head of product (also our CEO) and our engineering team to define and refresh our product roadmap based on customer feedback and our shared vision
  • Turn that roadmap into high level product requirements, and work with engineering to refine those requirements in an iterative development cycle
  • Attend customer meetings and develop intuition about our customers, their hopes and dreams and how we can help them
  • Do mocks/UX work to clarify product concepts
  • Ship features (work with eng on release cadence, bug bashes, customer communication)
  • Use our product every day so you have a deep understanding of its strengths and weaknesses and let that inform product roadmap and prioritization
  • Be a company builder - from culture to processes that make us more effective as a team

What you're like:

  • High customer empathy - can read between the lines, ask insightful questions to get to the bottom of things
  • Creative and relentless - never gives up, likes solving hard problems, when one path doesn't yield success, quickly comes up with several other paths to explore, prioritizes them and executes
  • High engineering empathy - understands that their role is not to control the eng team, nor to mother them but rather to collaborate on creative and pragmatic solutions to customer problems
  • Hyper-owner - cares about delivering value to customers and everything that goes into it, not just the "product spec" and drives things from inception to value for customers
  • Fast thinker - quick to ramp up and understand complex concepts, able to own many different things and context switch effectively
  • Precise communicator - Has an ear for sussing out misalignment or confusion, and quickly steps in to synthesize the divergence, and get alignment with precise and effective meetings, docs, 1:1 conversations
  • Low ego, high conviction - Has strong conviction on topics and fearlessly expresses them (even at the risk of being wrong), and is willing to change perspective quickly through debate and discourse.
  • Pragmatic and positive - Has a good grasp of reality and at the same time can envision a better future. Works systematically to go from current state to desirable future state.
  • 5+ years of experience as a product manager of a technical product