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Senior Software Engineer at Boundless
Remote / United States of America / Canada

At Boundless, we’re breaking down the barriers of the immigration system. We are looking for experienced software engineers to architect, design, and develop tools for our Customer Success team and our Independent Immigration Attorneys to help them prepare error-free immigration applications for our customers.If you want to create a meaningful impact on the world with technology; if you share our belief that bringing empathy to our customers, our product, and our team will bring success; and if you are always on the lookout to get better at what you do, Boundless is the right place for you.

During your first month in this role, you will:

  • Learn by doing with your team. Upon your start you will be assigned to one of our existing initiatives. You will learn our codebase and our technologies with pairing and contributing solutions to the problems your Core Team is working on.
  • Discover our process, practices, and career map. Throughout your first month you’ll learn about our practices & process; the way we plan our work, retrospectives, release infrastructure, etc and you will work closely with your manager to learn about how we think about career development at Boundless.

Within three months, you will:

  • Independently progress on major product initiatives. Once you feel comfortable with our systems, you will start owning parts of our major product initiatives. You will understand the effectiveness of your work by engaging directly with our Customer Success Advocates and our Independent Immigration Attorneys.
  • Identify and improve the major technical gaps in our codebase/infrastructure. As you are working on our product initiatives; you will identify structural issues in our codebase, develop a plan to address critical tech debt, and improve the reliability of our product and our developer experience in alignment with the initiatives you are working on.

Within a year, you will:

  • Lead the technical design for future initiatives. You will work with our CTO to understand our product roadmap and you will help your Core Team make the right technical decisions about how we are building our features inline with our Product Roadmap.
  • Help build an inclusive and high-performing culture at Boundless. Through your day to day actions, you will set examples for our inclusive engineering culture. You will be part of our interview loops, mentor our early career team members, and help our team grow without compromising our team’s technical and cultural balance.

About this position:

Being passionate about a healthy codebase, continuous learning, maintainable architectures, and collaborating with other engineers will make it easy for you to be successful in this role. You will work with a variety of technologies including Ruby/Rails and Javascript/React and Redux. We don’t require you to initially be an expert in all of these technologies but we do expect you to have expertise in similar frameworks and to be willing to learn our technologies quickly. Solid understanding of security practices is a big plus for this position.

About You:

  • 5+ years of full stack development experience
  • Experience and interest in mentorship and coaching of engineers
  • Experience effectively leading collaboration and discussion with stakeholders
  • Assists in prioritizing the work of self and others to focus on the highest-impact work
  • Leads system designs for new features and initiatives
  • Set best practices to maintain the health of an area of the codebase
  • Removes roadblocks for others on the team to keep projects and initiatives moving forward