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Head of Design at Boundless
Remote / United States of America

We’re a team of immigrants and experts who have struggled with our own journeys through the complex, high-stakes U.S. immigration system. That is why we are building deeply customer-centric products and experiences to become the default trusted partner for all families through their entire immigration journey and their first ten years of life in a new country. 

In 2020, Boundless acquired RapidVisa to become the largest player in the family immigration industry, helping tens of thousands of families every year achieve their dreams. After four years of policy headwinds, we are at an inflection point, projecting to grow 3-4x every year through the Biden administration and become the first positive brand in the industry.

We're backed by influential early-stage venture investors around the country, including Foundry Group (led by Brad Feld), Emerson Collective (Laurene Powell Jobs’ foundation), Pioneer Square Labs, Two Sigma Ventures, Trilogy Equity Partners, and Jerry Yang, and are well-capitalized for our upcoming growth.

What you’ll do

As we scale from ~150 FTEs to 300+ over the next 12 months, expand our product portfolio, and continue to transform our operations, we are looking for an experienced design leader to help create a new industry and service model. For generations, immigrant families have had to choose between an expensive attorney and trying to figure out hundreds of pages of high-stakes paperwork on their own. We’re proving that there’s a new way. Much like how Turbotax transformed tax preparation, Oscar the health insurance process, and Legalzoom patent filing, Boundless is using intuitive design, efficient technology, and high-quality legal expertise to make immigration accessible to all families. We’re proud of our 99.96%+ success rate (compared to ~85% for the industry) and excited for making an even greater impact ahead.

You will oversee all design-related activities at the company, partnering with our Engineering, Product, Sales, Marketing, and Operations teams to shepherd in this next era of product-led growth, reporting to the VP, Product. The Design team is currently 3 senior/principal-level product designers, poised to scale 3x over the next year with the addition of visual, research, and interaction functions. 

In this role, during your first three months, you will:

  • Learn. Understand the way our Product, Design, Engineering, and business teams operate while identifying where we excel and struggle. Internalize the immigration journey and our product experience. Work with our Operations, Customer Success and Sales teams to understand the unique needs of our customers. Establish customer research as an ongoing discipline at the company.
  • Identify and address gaps in our design ops infrastructure. Increase leverage across the Design team by setting up the foundations for success, codifying how the team works together (e.g. roles, levels), how design gets done (e.g. design systems, processes), and how to measure impact (e.g. standards, metrics). Work with Engineering to systematize and automate design standards to help us scale and grow.
  • Shape OKRs for the design team. Identify and prioritize the metrics and initiatives that deliver the most impact and that align with company objectives. 
  • Ship products currently in flight. Dive deep and get in the trenches with our Product and Engineering teams to unblock or drive critical projects. 
  • Set up the next wave. Identify, research, and test what will move the needle over the following two quarters. Plan resourcing and hiring needs to fit your desired operating model.

Within the first year, you will:

  • Continuously improve our design process at scale. Establish what it means to dual-track “discovery” and “delivery”: how to operate ahead of Engineering to do sufficient research while also working hand-in-hand with the Product team to ship experiences. Maintain a strong, cohesive, and collaborative culture across Product, Design, Engineering, and business teams. Regularly evaluate what’s working and continually experiment and improve.  
  • Craft new product lines. Work with our Product, Sales, Marketing, and Operations teams to shape the next set of products and services for our immigrant families, including applications (e.g. DACA, TPS, B2B products), services (e.g. subscription services, financial services), and geographies (i.e. immigration to other countries). 
  • Develop a talented and inclusive team. Define and hire towards a design organization that can support a $100M+ business. Train, mentor, and lead a high-performing design team as we grow.
  • Represent the design function inside and outside of Boundless. Ensure the entire company understands the value of customer-centered design and the vision for “Design” at Boundless. Showcase how design informs better product and business decisions as a model for the industry as a whole. Evangelize the Boundless design brand outside the company to help attract the next wave of Boundless designers  and team members.

What we’re looking for:

This is the chance for you to take everything you’ve learned from your past experiences and organizations to make your own mark as you build out this function at a mission-driven startup that is about to take off. Your effectiveness will be critical to the overall success of the company and our ability to help millions of immigrant families.

Our ideal candidate will: 

  • Have a successful track record recruiting, leading, managing and developing senior designers in remote teams to ship high-impact products; someone who top performers go out of the way to work for.
  • Be adept working with cross-functional leaders to drive strategies and decisions. Effectively manages trade-offs between design and delivery under resource constraints. 
  • Have a deep appreciation for the craft of design. Constantly learning about advancements in the field and comfortable getting into the details to try them out.
  • Be customer obsessed. Stretches the company to envision what a “10-star customer experience” looks like and what it’ll take to get there. 
  • Be comfortable using both quantitative and qualitative data as part of the design process. Thinks without bounds and explores problems unconstrained by how it’s been done before. 
  • Be a crisp written and verbal communicator for external (e.g. Board, investors, product community) and internal (e.g. prioritization, brainstorming, alignment) audiences. Everyone feels better and more confident after hearing from you.
  • Have experience at a growth-stage startup or organization going through rapid change.
  • In-house design experience is a plus