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Senior Product Manager - Data at Boundless
Remote / United States of America

At Boundless, we’re breaking down the barriers of the immigration system - and are hiring a Senior Product Manager to work closely with business stakeholders, and engineers to define the data layer that will guide our decision making in the years to come. This is a unique opportunity where you will be able to develop your product management skills as well as data skills, and you will play a key role in the future of data at Boundless, by being the first person in our company who will exclusively focus on data. 

You will thrive in this role if:

  • You have strong product management skills to be able to identify the needs of various stakeholders, outline a solution, and develop it working closely with engineers & designers.  
  • You are a technical generalist when it comes to data, and you can work closely with engineers to build a high quality data infrastructure. 
  • You have fundamental data analysis skills to help our business teams draw insights. 

During your first month in this role, you will:

  • Discover our team, data infrastructure, business questions. You will work closely with our Finance, Growth, and Operations teams, as well as other product managers and engineering leaders, to understand what we have and where we want to go in terms of our data layer. 
  • Define the data schema for Boundless. As you develop a perspective of our needs as a company, you will work closely with engineers to define the data schema and infrastructure that will help us realize our business goals. 

Within three months, you will: 

  • Help create a data-driven decision making framework. You will be part of every initiative we’re tackling as a team, help engineers and designers figure out how we can evaluate the effectiveness of our work, and incorporate our learnings in our future decisions.
  • Help business stakeholders draw insights from our data. As we build our data team, you will have data analysts and managers as specialized stakeholders; and you will collaborate with them to make sure we draw the necessary insights to progress along our business goals. You will also enable this function to reliably report on the performance of our business.

Within a year, you will: 

  • Help build the data organization  at Boundless. As we grow as a company we will build a team of analysts, managers, and engineers to satisfy the data needs of our organization. As the cornerstone of collaboration of this new function and the rest of the company; you will play a key role in defining the process and structure of this organization. 
  • Take leadership of the analysis of critical business initiatives. In the upcoming year, as a company we are going to be re-evaluating new business & product opportunities. As a PM of Data, you will be key to bringing a quantified approach to analysing these opportunities & creating an experimentation framework that facilitates learning for the team. 

About this position: 

In this position we’ll expect you to operate independently as a Product Manager, so we require you to have previous experience driving product initiatives. You are going to also work directly with our data layer so we’re expecting you to have a thorough understanding of data architectures, BI tools, and direct tech skills like writing and running SQL against data warehouses, and exploratory data analysis techniques. 

About our team:

We are a growing number of PMs, engineers, and designers working remotely throughout the U.S. We are here to create a great business that will ultimately help hundreds of thoughts of immigrants. We operate with empathy for each other, we take ownership in things we do; and we strive to continuously get better. We believe passion for learning beats experience.