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Vice President of Operations at JetClosing
Seattle, WA, US

About JetClosing

JetClosing is the leading digital title and escrow company for real estate transactions. Through its innovative platform, JetClosing provides unprecedented transparency, security, and efficiency throughout the home closing process. JetClosing is changing the way customers have experienced title & escrow for the past 150 years and we are on a mission to make eClosings the norm for everyone from anywhere, any time. We have just begun to disrupt the $20B title & escrow industry.

If you are a candidate with a strong combination of leadership sensibilities, hard-core analytical acumen, customer obsession and a history of operational excellence, JetClosing has a dream job for you.  As our VP of Operations, not only will you become part of an exciting and fast-growing company, but you will also get a chance to disrupt an entire industry.  You’ll join a strong senior management team that is committed to high standards. 

But it won’t be easy.

At JetClosing, we’re building the leader in 21st century title & escrow.  For our executive leaders, that means getting the right people in the right roles, establishing a plan and empowering people to pursue it, establishing metrics of performance, driving the right business rhythms, building a performance culture, and getting everyone involved in helping us understand the business better each week than we did before.  And, it involves teaching every single leader at the company to do all the same things, all within a hyper-growth environment.  If you are ready to see that kind of a challenge, JetClosing may be a great place for you. 

If you become our VP of Operations, you will assume responsibility for the success of all of our customer-facing teams, as well as some internal support functions. You’ll be responsible for helping them pursue their all-up accountabilities to the overall business, as well as investing in big bets to help them improve in chunks and accomplishing learning objectives that can set the stage for improvement in the future.  We have created an innovative platform that provides unprecedented transparency, security, and efficiency throughout the home closing process. Included in your responsibilities are all of the teams delivering digital title and escrow services to buyers, sellers, agents, lenders and borrowers.

Job Requirements

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Very strong operational sensibilities.  A deep understanding and track record for using data, establishing metrics of performance, pursuing those outcomes aggressively, and removing barriers to improvement. The ability to define and solve complex issues despite ambiguity.
  • Very strong leadership skills.  The ability to develop and communicate the charter of an organization, translate that charter into measurable goals and objectives, assign those objectives to key leaders, and help those leaders drive toward their goals. 
  • The ability to hire and develop strong, key leaders.  Especially in the areas of coaching and mentorship, the right person for this role will be able to identify superstars, get them into the right roles, and help them aggressive move toward the achievement of their potential.
  • Extremely customer obsessed leader. The ability to start with the customer and work backwards. Especially in driving operations and technology business requirements to eliminate and automate the customer experience to make it more effortless. Everything accrues to earning and keeping customer trust.
  • Proven strategic leadership. At JetClosing, operations is a super-power, meaning that we’re not just committed to excellence in execution and continuous improvement.  We also want our VP of Operations to translate the lessons and insights from the operations group into guideposts and guardrails as we continue to develop and iterate the company’s strategy. 
  • Very strong business judgment. The ability to make decisions based on strong business logic, rationale, and judgment. Thinks broadly about implications of issues and decisions.

Required Education & Experience:

  • B.A./B.S.
  • Minimum 10 - 15 years’ experience in senior management positions in relevant operating or general management roles with demonstrated results. 
  • Experience or expertise with real estate technology or title & escrow a plus.