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Technical Reviewer at Educative
Lahore, PK

The Technical Reviewer is primarily responsible for guiding the Developer Advocate (DA) throughout the content development process; and reviewing CBE and MBE courses for technical and editorial quality.

Responsibilities include:
Course Development
 Guide DA throughout course development process from planning to development to launch.
 Empower DA to make decisions and experiment within their scope of responsibility.
 Review courses to ensure delivery of high quality courses and identify training opportunities.
Review should include, but not limited, to:
o Technical correctness
o Interactivity appropriate to the content and difficulty level
o Editorial quality (e.g. spelling, grammar, clarity, etc)
o Adherence to course standards
 Manage performance standards through informal and formal performance appraisals.
 Recommend operational improvements to improve efficiency, ensure delivery of high-quality
courses, and simplify processes.
 Contribute to course development standards that guide Developer Advocates in building
high quality courses while providing room for creativity.
 Become an expert on platform capabilities to effectively guide DAs in fully utilizing platform
features in courses.
 Regularly monitor technical developments to contribute to course strategy and ensure that
Educative courses are responsive to learner needs.
 Assist with other projects, as requested.

Job typeFull-time
Visa sponsorshipNot Available
Experience4+ years