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Director of Engineering at Educative
Lahore, PK

Our goal is to make every developer successful and more productive. Help us build that dream.

Ideal candidates would have 5+ years of experience actively managing and building engineering teams. We plan to grow our product team to 100+ in 2021.

  1. Lead and contribute to the design and implementation of major new products and features.
  2. Recruit, retain and develop software engineering teams.
  3. Actively oversee resource allocation to ensure delivery of services and projects, creatively use engineering team resources and budget to accelerate the achievement of goals.
  4. Prioritize, track, and manage software development projects, including quarterly & yearly goals, bug fixes, feature requests, new product development, etc.
  5. Identify emerging technologies and set the direction of technological innovation and product investment.
  6. Ensure the global platform architecture provides excellent agility, functionality, scalability, reliability, security, and performance.
  7. Set up effective development frameworks and processes, with a preference for speedy releases over feature perfection.
  8. Carry out a constant technology watch and stay aware of market opportunities and competitive threats.
  9. Develop a healthy culture of mentoring and provide growth opportunities to engineers.