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Content Reviewer at Educative
Lahore, PK
Educative is a hands-on learning platform for software developers of all levels. We were founded by industry veterans who understand first-hand the problems developers face staying on the cutting edge of modern technology. Educative's interactive, text-based courses are built to teach you the skills employers are looking for. We provide tools like in-browser coding environments and interview-focused assessments to help you practice as you learn. 
Educative is connecting millions of developers worldwide to become a developer, grow their skills, or prepare for an interview.
Our learners rely on us to create engaging courses to get better at their job, find a better job, or experience the joy of learning.  With the courses that you create, learners can maximize their success.
As a Content Reviewer, you will be an integral part of the company. You will be expected to lend your expertise to the company and weed out linguistic and grammatical errors from texts and make sure that the course content comes together naturally as a whole.  
As a Content Reviewer, you will be expected to copy-edit and proofread a text. Copy-editing entails closely reading written material and making changes to it in order to improve readability. This would require you to ensure that the content flows well and to make changes to sentence structure if necessary. You will also aim to eliminate redundancy and maintain consistency in spelling and form throughout the course. As a proofreader, you will be required to spot and correct grammatical errors. You will also need to ensure that conventions stated in the Educative Style Guide are followed throughout the text.
We expect you to have the following skills and qualifications:
A degree in humanities/social sciences is preferred, although it is not necessary if you have considerable editorial experience and believe that you will be a good fit for the position.
Editorial experience (at least a year)
A good grasp of the English languageKnowledge of basic editorial practices and conventions.
Familiarity with style guides
You also need to be comfortable with Google Docs and making suggestions on them.