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Senior Engineering Manager at Boundless
Remote / United States of America

As a Senior Engineering Manager you will be responsible for the success of software engineering teams. You will build, manage, and organize one or more teams within the larger Engineering organization, working with the teams to successfully execute projects to improve and expand the Boundless product line. You will be a servant leader in developing the people and placing them in roles to maximize their potential, and guiding the work, tooling, process, and code. You will partner with the VP of Engineering and recruiters to build the teams and develop the people. You and your peers will partner on delivery with product managers, project managers, and designers. Senior Engineering Managers report to the Vice President of Engineering.

During your first month in this role, you will:

  • Get to know and start to build your first team. You will be assigned an initial team and will get to know them by conducting 1:1 meetings and working with them on projects. You will also begin to plan the growth of the team, defining open roles to fill.
  • Learn by doing with your team. Upon your start you will be assigned to one of our existing initiatives. You will work side by side with our business leads, product managers, designers, and engineers to learn our customers and codebase.
  • Discover our process, practices, and career map. Throughout your first month you’ll learn about our practices and processes – the way we plan our work, retrospectives, release infrastructure, etc. – and you will learn about how we approach career development at Boundless.

Within three months, you will:

  • Assume full ownership of and accountability for team success. You will work with each team member to ensure that expectations for their work are clear and that they are in a role with a career path that allows them to achieve their potential.
  • Assume full ownership of and accountability for success of the team. You will partner with other leaders to ensure your team makes and meets commitments that achieve stakeholder needs. You will successfully work with product managers to define customer needs in a way that is actionable by software engineers and guide the engineers in execution and delivery.
  • Become an important member of our engineering-managment team. You will work with other engineering managers to coordinate work and share best practices and help all of our teams improve. You will mentor and share your experiences with less-senior engineering managers to help them develop and grow.
  • Curate a healthy culture. You will curate a healthy, inclusive, engineering culture on your team within the overall engineering and company culture, ensuring that all team members have the opportunity to contribute and grow to their fullest.
  • Manage the hiring and onboarding process for your team. You will work with the VP of Engineering and recruiters to define needs for your team, and recruit, interview, hire, and onboard new team members to fill open roles. Your success in hiring will be defined by diversity as much as technical ability and team fit. You will ensure training and mentoring for new teammates and begin to develop entry-level hires.
  • Gain a full understanding of all of our stakeholders. You will come to understand all of the stakeholders including customers and the overall immigrant community, business growth, operations, third-party partners, product, and engineering. You will understand the challenges that immigrants face in their journey to live and work in the United States and how we help them.

Within a year, you will:

  • Broaden your work as an invaluable leader in enabling our engineering organization to best serve our customers and business. You will:
    • Manage the composition, organization, and work of software engineering teams to achieve both long-term and short-term sprint/iteration goals.
    • Ensure your teams are highly engaged and productive by inspiring and empowering them to do their best work.
    • Work with all stakeholders to ensure proper balance of meeting customer needs and maintaining a healthy product and ecosystem. This includes not only business-driven features but also internal needs such as analytics, security, testing, scaling, and technical-debt management.
    • Establish and implement workflow practices and tooling (scrum board, kanban, etc.) to define new requirements, manage/groom backlog, schedule work, and deliver predictable results aligned with product strategy.
    • Foster an engineer-led process of evolution and improvement based on continuous learning and adapting to change.
  • Make a broad positive impact on Engineering and the Company. Your teams will be part of a larger whole of engineering that has created and curated a healthy growing culture where engineers can do their best work in fulfilling our mission, growing our company, and building their careers.
  • Build our external reputation and employment brand. You and your teams will represent the company to the software-development community at large, helping to draw and develop great candidates – with particular emphasis on women, people of color, and immigrants – to our teams.
  • Establish broad technical infrastructure, standards, and best practices. You and your team will develop standards and best practices and exchange them with other teams within the broader Boundless technical ecosystem.

About you:

  • An engineering leader with a successful track record as a software developer, a manager of engineers, and working in and managing agile software projects. Minimum five years of management experience.
  • Experience in building and managing diverse engineering teams that are inclusive and provide equitable opportunities and an environment of belonging for all team members, regardless of gender or cultural background.
  • Experience successfully developing and managing careers of technical people, including managing roles, assignments, compensation, and performance.
  • Demonstrated understanding and aptitude of web-based software development throughout the entire tech stack.
  • Experience thinking strategically and acting tactically, leading technical projects and translating stakeholder requirements into actionable work completed by engineers.
  • Equally comfortable with business and product people and technical people and garners the respect of both. Demonstrated ability to build consensus towards a common goal.
  • Flexible, nimble thinker to manage the dynamic nature of a startup and the immigration domain, and able to bring others along when plans need to change.