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Edpresso Technical Lead at Educative
Lahore, PK
About Educative:
Educative is a hands-on learning platform for software developers of all levels. We were founded by industry veterans who understand first-hand the problems developers face staying on the cutting edge of modern technology. Educative's interactive, text-based courses are built to teach you the skills employers are looking for. We provide tools like in-browser coding environments and interview-focused assessments to help you practice as you learn. 
Educative is connecting millions of developers worldwide to become a developer, grow their skills, or prepare for an interview.
Our learners rely on us to create engaging courses to get better at their job, find a better job, or experience the joy of learning.  With the courses that you create, learners can maximize their success.
About the role
As the Edpresso Technical Lead, you will be a hands-on, key technical voice with a variety of responsibilities. You will be responsible for creating and communicating our topic strategy day-to-day, and guiding our library to be as valuable as possible. You will also be the main point of contact for any technical feedback for or from our contributors, rolling up your sleeves to help the contributors as needed, as well as training and helping to manage our Summer Intern contributors. You will be the technical liason between the Edpresso Team and the Educative Technical Content Team. 
Role responsibilities:
●      Topic management
○      You will be responsible for building a topic acquisition plan to make sure Edpresso shots increase our SEO and excite our contributors and users.
○      You will be responsible for approving new topic suggestions daily that are suggested by Edpresso contributor
○      You will be responsible for making sure Edpresso contributors are following the Edpresso topic rules and any questions they have regarding topics are answered
○      You will be responsible for approving or denying articles that are suggested for crosspost based on their ability to increase SEO and excite our contributors and users
●      Docker creation
○      You will be responsible for planning and executing the creation of a backlog of Docker environments that can be used by Edpresso contributors. This backlog should coordinate with the topics offered to contributors.
○      You will be responsible for, when needed, creating Docker environments for Edpresso contributors to use
●      Customer service
○      When an Edpresso shot receives any type of feedback, you will be responsible for responding to the user and, if need be, fixing the shot.
○      When a user submit a topic suggestion, you will be responsible for approving it and adding it to our topic library.
○      If an Edpresso contributor does not understand an edit or is confused on how to make an edit, it will be your responsibility to make sure that they get additional guidance.
●      Project management
○      You will be responsible for bringing a technical perspective to all product initiatives made by the Edpresso product manager.
○      You will be responsible for collaborating with the Edpresso product manager and the development team to make sure Edpresso is the best product it can be.
●      Internship
○      You will be responsible for training our summer intern team. You will be in charge of making sure that they are writing shots that are up to our standard.
○      You will be responsible for managing the progress and ability of the interns with another Edpresso team member.
Role qualifications:
●      Undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or Information Technology
●      Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English. Experience with technical writing is a plus
●      Demonstrated program management skills, including excellent organization, breaking down projects into logical pieces with schedule and processes.
●      Strong ability to collaborate with others, as well as the ability and self-motivation to work autonomously.
●      Good people and leadership skills. Must be comfortable teaching and guiding people to a new skill.
●      A solid understanding of data structures and algorithms.
●      Familiarity with programming languages, such as C++, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, etc.
●      A solid understanding of how to use Docker and run scripts
●      A good understanding of SEO and SEO growth tactics.
This is a full-time role at Educative’s office in Lahore, Pakistan