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Senior Data QA Engineer at Falkon AI
Seattle, WA, US / Remote

At Falkon we're building a revenue growth platform. Our mission is to transform business operations through insights and automation.

Our target customer is revenue growth teams (sales, marketing, customer success and customer support). Falkon's capabilities help them understand their prospect and customer behavior so they can market and sell more effectively to those customers. By combining data analytics with data science, our platform provides powerful tools to solve use cases like:

  • Understanding what marketing/sales tactics are working and what are not
  • Understanding what content is leading to activated, converted and engaged customers
  • Understanding where the sales pipeline is coming from - and what revenue is forecasted for the month and quarter
  • Understanding what rep behaviors are truly making a difference to the sales pipeline
  • Understanding whether the company is on track on meet its revenue targets, and drill down into issues that are holding back revenue
  • Targeting the most likely candidate customers for deal expansion
  • And many more...


Our team consists of product, engineering and research veterans from Microsoft, Amazon, Dropbox, Amperity and Zulily.

We are looking for a results-oriented data QA engineer to join the Falkon team and help us deliver the platform to our customers. The day-to-day work includes:

Writing SQL queries and data transforms that bring customer data into the Falkon platform

  • Performing data validation - ensuring data in Falkon matches data in customer's systems.
  • Validating implementations and finding/fixing bugs in SQL queries and data transforms
  • Supporting the CSM team in responding to ongoing customer requests for new metrics and reports.
  • Making improvements to existing metrics, reports, DBT data transforms and SQL queries.
  • Writing Python scripts to automate data validation, data transforms and customer implementations.
  • scripting SQL queries using Jinja.
  • Improving the performance of complex SQL queries running in Snowflake.
  • Our backend infrastructure is extremely modern and fully containerized on top of Kubernetes. We're big fans of ELT and use tools like DBT and Airflow to power our data pipelines.


What you will do

  • Partner with CSM to implement customer tenants and respond to customer requests
  • Debug/fix problems in SQL queries and data models
  • Validate customer implementations for data correctness
  • Optimize data pipelines and speed up implementations.
  • Build new data transforms and improve existing data transforms.
  • Help shape Falkon's culture, and build the workplace of your dreams.

What you will need to succeed

  • Extremely comfortable writing /debuggingcomplex SQL queries that run in data warehouses
  • Very comfortable writing data transformations using tools like DBT
  • Experience scripting SQL using Jinja, and writing automation scripts/tools in Python
  • Experience improving the performance of complex/expensive SQL queries.
  • Ability to work on customer-facing projects, delivering data implementations on a deadline
  • Solid computer science fundamentals.
  • A willingness to put in the hard work it takes to make a startup successful.
  • Alignment on Falkon principles - Think big, Deliver results with urgency, Be radically transparent, Follow the golden rule, Get better every day

Very nice-to-haves:

  • Prior experience working with data from revenue tools like Salesforce, Hubspot and Marketo is a strong plus.
  • Experience working with large data ingestion/processing pipelines.
  • Experience working with Redshift, Snowflake and Bigquery


If you're interested in rapid career growth, there is no better place to be than Falkon.

Growth comes from Impact x Learning

At Falkon you'll do your best work, develop new skills, learn from the best, discover what technical areas you're truly passionate about and help our customers grow their businesses. If you're interested in starting your own business, you'll get the opportunity to see how a venture-funded business is built from the ground up. As an early and critical member of our growing team you will help shape our business, our processes and our culture.